Per Roth

Storytelling, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and tech. Life is about creating memorable moments.

Per Roth is an entrepreneur, author, and producer. His passion for creative entrepreneurship, innovation, and business has been the common thread since an early age. While finishing his bachelor’s degree in media- and communication, he started a branding and business development agency that acquired international clients.

His main client was a global company group based in Cannes and Monte Carlo, doing business in the luxury, real estate, and entertainment industries. During this time, he worked on exciting projects that included brands such as Playboy Enterprises, Virgin, Lamborghini, and Maybach.

After working for many years building other companies’ brands, Per decided it was time to pursue his creative visions and business ideas. He founded companies and brands in tech, entertainment, media, and publishing. He also started writing books and scripts.

Per works with entrepreneurial ventures and business development when he is not writing or producing. He is currently the CEO of Wizeman Group. He also helps companies with creative challenges such as storytelling, brand identity, and navigating the world of technology.